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  • International Shipping - No State

    I am trying to set up USPS Priority International shipping. It doesn't seem to be coming up as an option though when a International postal code is entered. I registered with USPS and entered in the username and password they sent me on the shipping settings page. And the country postal code I am testing is a country I ship to.

    Am I missing something?

    P.S. I was told by tech support that the shipping calculator on the shopping cart page only calculates for US zipcodes. Assuming this is correct, this seems to be a feature that should be upgraded.
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    Just a little tidbit of info:

    I recently received my first order from Canada. The order was automatically processed in the system like all of my US orders - with the exception of a note on the order in the shipping section stating, "Shipping will be calculated later".

    I had to calculate shipping and then email the customer for approval. After all of the hassle involved with shipping internationally, I decided that my margins aren't big enough to justify the added work. Perhaps there's a better way than how I handled it.

    Keep us posted on how it works for you.


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      there is a setting that states - allow for shipping to be calculated later. Did you by chance have that checked?


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        Yes, I did have that setting checked. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't even know it was there. If I uncheck it, I wonder what would happen.

        I use Endicia for all of my shipping. I'm so used to just dropping my orders off at the Post Office without waiting in line. When I had to stand in a long line to ship the one international item and process the customs paperwork, I decided that my margins really are not high enough to justify the extra time in processing the orders.

        But please let us know how it works for you. Maybe I need to just find a quicker, better solution.


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          Hey- can't you have your regular carrier pick them up? We do this daily, but maybe it's a volume thing? This includes international.

          I dislike how a state can show up under a Canadian address. This often confuses the shippers.


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            ScribeTime - However you have shipping set up (by value, weight, realtime, etc)., should work and you shouldn't have shipping NOT calcuate later with the button unchecked.

            Rungreen - State turns to territory for Canada orders - at least it does for me. I do have that problem though with countries that do not have territories. And yes, then it is really confusing for the buyer.


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              just a note... I ran into the same problem, and I emailed support, and they had to enable something to allow for int'l orders. Now it works fine. you probably want to do the same.