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Copying a category with products.

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  • Copying a category with products.

    I tried COPY button on a category and it asks if you want to bring in the products. YES I do. But, that doesn't quite do what it seems. It just links them to both. It isn't a true copy.

    I set up "stores" for local clubs. Each one is essentially their own category. Each club has same products but with their own logos etc. I would love to be able to just copy a club(category) and assign those products new images and a couple text changes when I need to add a new club.

    What is the fastest way to go about this? I tried export/import but the export errored (not sure why) and import of one product never finished, just sat there

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    Shelly, it sounds like that you want to copy the Category and also to copy the products. These need to be done separately.

    If you only have a few products , you can copy them individually from the product screen.
    Exporting should not error out. What error message did you receive?
    You should try it again.
    Once exported you can change the values in the id field (sKUs), delete the values in the catalog id fields, Change the Category fields to the new category, and re-import. You will have new products. The new category will be auto created from the import. You can use find and replace to change the values in the category column in two steps.