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    I am really struggling with support in this subject. I set up CBA yesterday and my Amazon rep complained that the Amazon CBA button wasn't where it needed to be in the checkout process. It only shows on step 3, where Google and PayPal express show on view_cart and Step1.

    I put a ticket in, assuming that my checkout templates got messed up somehow. We have never modified this part of the cart, BTW. We use multi page checkout.

    Supports first several tickets basically said that my checkout pages were modified, which made the Amazon code not update. They gave me the code and link to a KB document on adding the code.

    This is not a huge deal, except I haven't modified my checkout pages on purpose, because when there is a problem, I want to be able to get support. So they are basically asking me to modify my unmodified pages so then they will refuse to support them.

    I have asked to be restored to the stock pages multiple times with no response.

    My question is: Have you added Amazon CBA and if yes, are the buttons in the right place?


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    More back and forth with support and they still only read half the message and answer (at best) half the questions.

    Bottom line, it would appear that if you enable CBA, you will have to custom code your checkout pages to get the buttons where Amazon requires them.



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      CheckOut by Amazon Integration

      I Installed CBA by Amazon today. I had modified checkout pages, so I needed to install the code myself. I got the buttons to appear on View cart and Step 3. I tried to install in Step 1 near the Google and Paypal buttons, but it won't work. I tried to put into the header of step1 page and it still would not work. The programming is over my head, but the CBA code doesn't know where to go to get the button information in order to display it on page 1. The button needs to appear in Step 1 along with the other payment choices, Google, PayPal, etc.

      Support is also ignoring me. I have a tech at Amazon looking at it, but it is 3Dcart programming is out of his element.


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        You cannot put the CBA button on Step one. Only view cart and Step 3. Or use 1 page checkout.



        Within 3dCart, you can enter your Checkout By Amazon button on the View_Cart page, and Checkout Step 3. The variables are not available for use on the step1.html file. All of 3dCart's merchants utilize it Checkout By Amazon in the same fashion, or they use Single Page checkout.

        For more information regarding Checkout by Amazon, see the related article in the knowledgebase:

        Have a great day!

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          I've been debating about Amazon checkout. Let me share what some others are saying on other forums. They have observed that Amazon monitors which products are bringing in big sales. Then, Amazon sources the product themselves. For drop-shippers, of course, this isn't so great. Following that logic, if accurate, I may not go with Amazon checkout. Something to consider.


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            Hmm. Good information. I have a lot of products that I manufacture myself, so it would be a bonus if Amazon wanted to carry them. :)

            Another possible "gotcha" is that they hold your money for 14 days initially. It would appear after the 14 days money will release quicker, but I am not sure yet. This could be a problem for some companies.

            Another one is that there is no way to set your lead time for shipping. It assumes 48 hours. So much of our stuff is made on demand that we have a 3-7 business day lead time during the spring when it is super busy. I have been getting nastgrams from Amazon about not shipping on time, but I talked to them and they said it won't hurt our ratings and the 48 hours is set for the Amazon Marketplace and defaults on CBA.

            We have had decent response since adding it.