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Negative Inventory Account Forcing All Options to Backorder

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  • Negative Inventory Account Forcing All Options to Backorder

    We only sell a few products and each of them has two options lets say configuration X and configuration Y. We are tracking inventory for each of these options and have 3DC set up to allow back orders when an option is out of stock. This works as I had expected, for example when we have 2 of configuration X and zero of configuration Y the product shows up as in stock until you click on configuration Y option, then it switches to "currently taking back orders" while if you click on configuration X it stays as "currently in stock" or if you had clicked on configuration Y then X it switches back as expected.

    Our issue comes in when we allow for back orders, in this example we have two of configuration X and negative three (-3) of configuration Y so the total on the inventory page in the admin panel says negative one (-1) now when you visit that particular product page it ALWAYS says "currently taking back orders" even if you click on configuration X, which shows as having two items in the inventory system.

    Yes, I have asked support did not get anywhere, they say this is just how it was designed and not a bug because I expect it to work one way and it works another. I am just looking for consistency. It seems like they are looking at the number in inventory in one case but when in the negative for the total product inventory they are not checking individual option inventories.

    Has anyone else run into this and come up with a solution?

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    My only suggestion is to go to:: Settings > Design > Store Language :: and change the back-order text to something that sounds better than "Back Order" and that can apply to both situations where one is out (x or y) or both are out. Like, "Unavailable Options Will Ship When Available."

    Of course, that is a store-wide solution. If this is only true for a couple of items, then you'll want to just change the back order message on the item page.

    Not the best answer, but an answer.
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      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. This is a bug. It was designed this way because they did not think it through. That is one cause of bugs.
      " It was designed this way" is a standard answer to many problems, even if they are clearly bugs.
      Otherwise 3dcart is great, I just wish they revisit and fix old features that need fixing.