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    Relating Products is so very time consuming.. OR is there an easier way? I know that with BigCommerce the relating was automatically done, when you look at a product in the store it shows others with a similar name...
    Right now, when I add a product, I have to find all like it, and relate them... Then go to all of those products and relate the new one to it.....
    Is there an easier way?

    Also, I have been out looking at other E-Commerce Stores today, and so far 3dCart is the only one charging for Facebook Connect... and $249 is a lot for smaller stores :-)

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    I agree. It is a slow, ridiculous and painful process - almost impossible. On my V site, there is a place for related items on the product edit page. Just type in the product id of the items you want to show and you're done. CC is the same way. Not sure about BC.

    I dont even use it anymore on my 3D site. The page just shows items from the category.

    Side note - there also needs to be a way to select and add related items to the cart along with the main product the customer is looking at -all at the same time.


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      I have been playing around over on BigCommerce and when you look at a product, it automatically throws items with a similar name in the sidebar as related.... So that does it for me. That's how my items are related.... Cons on BigCommerce, less storage and Bandwidth for the Buck. More cutomizing to do. Pro, lots of templates, and because of my type of business related items are important... They also integrate with mailchimp, which I use. Also sounds like Facebook Connect could be coming soon, wondering if they will charge... Other Ecommerce sites are not... Like corecommerce..
      Sorry, I am talking out loud here! Thanks


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        We use 4-tell and it looks at your actual sales history and show "Customers also bought" and has an automatic algorithm for related products. Of course it costs $$
        One draw back, is that their database of your items is only updated once a week, creating problems with de-activated items still showing for the remainder of the week on their suggestions. Very problematic at times.

        The 3dcart related products seemed good enough for me before we got 4-tell, much better than our previous cart which did not have any auto related items.

        Personal comment: I don't think this is the place for shopping cart comparisons. Out of respect for 3dcart, discussions of other carts should be limited to generalities.


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          Originally posted by DCRCreations View Post
          Relating Products is so very time consuming.. OR is there an easier way?
          3dcart allows you to enter Related Products (Cross-selling) and Accessories (Up-selling) manually via the admin panel.

          Here is a KB article that explains how these work and how to set them up,

          To save time, you can enable RANDOM RELATED ITEMS from the store settings and allow the system to display random items when visitors view the product. The Random Related Item has the option of choosing random items from ALL products on your site or just from the same category where the main item is currently assigned to.

          You can also add related items via CSV export/import by specifying the IDs of the products.

          Here is a PDF with full details on setting up Random Related Products.

          Hope that helps!

          Jimmy Rodriguez