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Smart Categories Not Working

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  • Smart Categories Not Working

    I am turning to the forum for help, because I feel the members of forum are more knowledgeable than MOST of the tech support staff.

    I have a smart category set up for "newest releases". According to knowledgebase it should display the 50 newest items added to my website, but it is not. It is displaying the same 50 items and they are not the newest items added.

    Well then open a support ticket you may suggest. I did. This is the response I was giving from support:

    Thank you for contacting 3dcart support. Please allow me to give some insight on how the New Releases work. When you add a product to your store an availability date is set under the Advanced tab of that product, so if you added a product today the availability date will be set for today, unless you specifically changed it in a csv import, or manually under the advanced section. Now the programming for displaying New Releases queries the available dates and displays those items randomly, what you should now keep in mind is that the logic in the code is not just pulling the data from 50 items but from 100 items which -depending on when you created the product- could go back a couple of months. It then displays those items randomly.

    It doesn't make sense. All the info re: smart categories and new releases say that the 50 newest items will show up, it doesn't say that it will pull 50 items randomly from the newest 100 added. Even if thats the case, it keeps displaying the same 50 items, so there is no randomness to it.

    I real feel that a lot of the tech support don't know the answers, so they just throw anything that sounds good out there and close the ticket. Do they get points or bonuses for closing tickets even though the problem is not solved.

    Any help or suggestions from forum members is appreciated. I want to get this problem fixed.


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    Missing Step?

    Did you add the keyword to each listing you want in that category?


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      Our new releases are displaying with the newest products first in the smart category. I don't think that random thing is correct for the category, but it is true for the New Releases in the frame that shows a few items.
      did you check the date on the newest items to make sure they actually have the newest dates?