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  • Add to cart feature

    I have a question about the add to cart feature. When you are on my main page and click "add to cart" the product goes into the shopping cart, but it doesn't list a size. Is there a way to correct this or am I better off just removing the "add to cart" link under the product picture?

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    Not sure what you mean, what Add To Cart feature are you referring to, the Quick Cart?

    When you click the Add TO Cart button it takes you to the shopping cart for checkout and not the item page?
    If so you can change that in your Store Setting - Setting > General > Store Setting, under Checkout Setting change Add To Cart Action to what you want it to do.

    Hope this helps.
    - Peace


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      Have you clicked "required" for your options on on your product option tab? I believe that, if the options are not required, then the product can be added to the cart without the customer selecting an option.

      If the option is required, clicking "Add to Cart" will correctly take you to the product page.

      If you do that, you will probably want to change the wording on the category page "add to cart" button. Something like "View Details" or "Select Options" would work. You change that button text here: Settings>Design>StoreLanguage. Go to the Category section and change text on "buyitlink"

      (You may also need to change the Add to Cart action, as user001 suggested.)