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FedEx Rate Quotes for Envelopes and Paks

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  • FedEx Rate Quotes for Envelopes and Paks

    Currently I'm doing all my shipping via FedEx - about 100 packages a month, roughly 50% to international destinations.

    I'm introducing now a small new product which is mostly flat, and which therefore is going to be shippable via the stock FedEx paperboard envelopes. So I want customers to be able to get live rate quotes for this form of packaging - as the cost is significantly lower than that for normal boxes priced at "Your Packaging" FedEx rates.

    The problem is, that there seem to be no options for this sort of sophisticated packaging choice within the 3D-Cart scheme of generating rate quotes.

    What to do? Has anyone ever encountered this situation, or have any ideas for how to handle it? It seems like this is going to require some option to modify the payload of data that gets sent to the FedEx servers for rate quotation, but I have no idea how to even begin to think about that. 3DCart support mostly just responds along the lines of "that isn't an option", which isn't helpful.

    Any ideas much appreciated;