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  • Shipping to GUAM

    For some reason customers in Guam cannot get shipping quotes via 3dcart and USPS.

    I have talked with the customer and have confirmed that the address is correct.

    I have spoken with 3dcart and they said that a lot of their customers (users of 3dcart) have this problem, but they cannot offer any help and told me to contact USPS, who says that the address is correct.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Okay.... I figured it out.

    Guam needs to be set up as a U.S. State.

    So if you are having this problem add Guam (abbreviation GU) to the list of US states, and take it off of the list of countries.

    If you have any special shipping methods for the 48 states you will want to add it to the "exclude" list that you most likely have Hawaii and Alaska added too.

    Now your customers from Guam will be able to get a shipping quote and order.


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      Thanks much, I had a heck of a time with this the other day and did something else to ship the package (I forget what I did).
      I hope this fixes future Guam shipments.
      Glad you posted your fix.