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Reward points, people get no gift certificate code

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  • Reward points, people get no gift certificate code

    I have the reward points set up, people "cash them in" and get gift certificates, but they are not getting codes for their gift certificates after the "purchase".

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    did you test it yourself with your own "customer" account and e-mail? Many customers enter wrong e-mail addresses and they do not check their spam folder.
    If you also do not receive a code, check the e-mail template and make sure there is a valid e-mail in the from field.


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      Thanks, before I test it,
      you said the "check the email template" for valid FROM field.
      WHere exactly, I checked my merchant info, and see no such line.


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        I went into Settings>Design>Emails.
        Then looked under Email>reward notification and added my email in the from field. (I noticed no others have the "from field" filled out, CRM, Order notification, etc)

        I then placed an order, went in to "My Rewards" and collected the points for a $2.00 gift certificate"

        I got 3 emails, none in my junk folders:
        1, Thanks for your order (for product "I bought")
        2, Thanks for your order (I "bought" the gift certificate)
        3, Reward points notification, "You have 50 reward point collected

        I never got an email with the code to redeem the certificate.