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State/Province for international customers

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  • State/Province for international customers

    I'm testing my shipping rates for international customers, and can't figure out how to enter an international address on the checkout screen.

    I'm sure there's an easy solution to this, but it escapes me - how do non-US customers enter their state or province?

    The State dropdown only allows you to choose one of the fifty US states. Can this be edited, or is there another field (maybe "State/Province" or similar) that can be added to the address area for checkout?

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    In the template file the state field will look like this:

    <label for="shipping_state"><span class="form-labels">[CustomerInfo_state]</span></label>
    If the country is USA then [state] will be a dropdown menu showing the 50 US States.

    If the country is NOT USA then [state] will simply be a text box that the user can type into.


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      Hi, CBSteven - After looking at the code you provided in your reply, I realized what my error was - I was trying to select state BEFORE country.

      Looks like it works just fine if you select country first - doh! Thanks!!