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Integrating the 3Dcart Blog with Feedburner

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  • Integrating the 3Dcart Blog with Feedburner

    I read everything that is on the support site but my RSS feed from the 3Dcart blog is failing validation on the feedburner site. As such, Feedburner says the RSS is invalid and won't go any further.

    This is the feedburner validation link:
    Feed Validator Results:

    Tech support says the date format is a known issue and is in the dev queue. Has anyone found a way around this? I would love to host my blog in my domain if possible.


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    Darn I had no idea this was going on because I moved all my blogs from Blogger onsite. Guess I'll be moving back to blogger because I've tried to reformat the date on each template to no avail, to change the date on each article, any other format produces an error asking for a valid date.

    Let's hope someone has found a way around this