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Gift Certificate images and setup?

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  • Gift Certificate images and setup?

    Hi All,

    I've never offered gift certificates before and would like to start. Has anyone found that customers don't like getting an email with the code being the gift certificate rather than an image of a gift certificate which they could print for the recipient? How are those of you who offer gift certificates handling this and does anyone know where to locate a gift certificate template? Any suggestions and advice is appreciated.


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    You could go to the store (like staples) and buy blank gift certificates and print them up with the code on them. I seen them in the store before where you can print on them, there all fancy and have places to print the amount and such.


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      When a customer purchases a Gift Certificate at, they are given an option to purchase (for $1) a mailed printed certificate. So, they automatically get the code emailed to them and then, if they want, we'll snail mail them a nice color lasered gift certificate with instructions on how to use it, etc.