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    Is there a way I can edit the captions in the Image Gallery? Optimally, I would like the caption to appear right below the picture. It's tiny and so out of the way up in the left corner.


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    I believe that's controlled within the gallery.swf (flash) file. I can explain to you how to get to it so you can edit it, but it won't help if you don't have flash editing ability.

    I have figured out how to edit the gallery_data.xml and player.html files and have managed to achieve some control over the gallery appearance, but that caption is not included in either of those files so I am assuming it must be part of the gallery.swf file.

    to edit these files, you have to access your site template files via ftp. Go to the templates/common folder and locate the subfolder called "gallery". 3dCart will not let you replace those files, but you can download them onto your desktop, edit them to your heart's content, and then upload the entire folder from your desktop into your templates/v##### (your template number) folder.

    3dCart will look to the one in your numbered template folder before it looks at the one in your common folder. The xlm file controls a lot, but not the size or placement of the caption. :-(


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      Maybe I'm misunderstanding, or maybe I go about it in the wrong way, but Products>View/Edit choose the product, click on the images tab and under your images you'll see a spot that says "caption", add your caption and save changes. I have alot of "Before" and "After" photos and that's how I add that caption to each image


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        Yes, that is how you add captions. I think Pam wants to change the position and size of the captions as they appear in the image gallery -- that's what I was explaining how to do.


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          Another option that's not nearly as elegant as mimib's suggestion, but easier if you don't want to get into flash coding... I moved my captions to the right, more or less above the large image by entering leading spaces in the caption field in front of the actual caption text.

          For example, if the caption is supposed to read "Red, White and Blue Widget", then I enter "........Red, White and Blue Widget" (without the quotation marks, of course) in the caption field. Please substitute blanks where I show periods in this example - when I posted it with the spaces, they got suppressed out of my post!

          Play around with the number of spaces until you get the look you want, and then be consistent about using exactly that number of spaces in every caption.

          I also switched to using ALL CAPS for the captions. The final effect was a larger caption that displays above the image instead of a tiny caption way off in the upper left corner.

          Hope that helps the non-techies a bit.
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            Image Captions in Image Gallery


            I wanted to have the same option (to move the caption to the bottom of the photo where folks would see it). But since I couldn't figure out how to make the changes in the program, what I've decided to do instead is just use a photo editing software to add the text to the bottom of the image itself.

            That way, it will always show as part of the image.

            I know it's cheating.... but for those of us without programing experience, we have to find our ways to make things work. LOL. :)

            Take care,


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              Originally posted by rosarystuff View Post

              I wanted to have the same option (to move the caption to the bottom of the photo where folks would see it).
              I know what you mean. Customers tend to read below the image, not above the image. We can't edit each image so it's too bad that there is not an option to select Caption placement.

              I have another problem. I'd like to slow down the scrolling speed or maybe even stop it. Some of our images are tables and it takes more time to read the columns of data. Ideas?