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Can we change the order for shipping options?

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  • Can we change the order for shipping options?


    I am new to 3dcart and setting up our store. One of the things that we need (that was not an option in the cart) was the shipping option for Express Mail Flat Rate envelopes. So I set it up as a custom shipping option which worked.

    Problem is, it shows up first above the standard programmed shipping options in the cart and is the default option. Since Express mail is rather expensive (and not what most of my customers would want) I would like to have first class mail be the default.

    Is this possible? Is there a way to have the custom shipping options moved to the bottom of the ones that are pre-programmed?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The custom shipping methods will show up above the standard courier services. You can sort the order of the standard shipping methods in Settings>Shipping>Shipping Settings
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      Thank you very much for replying. If 3D would add the USPS flat rates to the cart this would be much easier. I know folks have been asking for it so hopefully they will add that feature in an update. I guess I will try and find some of those posts and add to the squeaky wheel.

      I do have the shipping pricing being shown at once so I am hoping they will pay attention to all the shipping costs and not just click through.

      We only ship via USPS so sorting couriers is not the problem. It sounds like if I want to have the custom shipping options show up underneath the USPS shipping options and not be selected as the default, that a template would need to be edited somewhere.


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        As far as I know, that portion cannot be edited on the template(s).
        It is a dynamic code snippet that is nested between the tags
        <!--START: CARRIER-->
        <!--END: CARRIER-->
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          Is this still true? I also have a custom shipping option, but want it displayed after the standard shipping options (UPS, USPS).


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            Custom Shipping options will always show above the standard (UPS, FedEx...) shipping options
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