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In over my head with API?

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  • In over my head with API?

    Hi everyone,

    For years I have been updating inventory manually by downloading fulfillment house inventories, running them through Excel, and then uploading. Also for years, off and on, I have been trying to automat this process. I have a nice macro written that will handle the Excel portion, but I still need to download the files and then upload the updated files. Someone here pointed me to a downloader called BadBoy that works great for everything except the 3DC manager… So, now I am considering the advanced API.

    I think I am in over my head. I have virtually no programming experience.

    Is it possible to use the advanced API to get my entire product database (equivalent to Products>Export/Import>Export Data (under “Products”)) into Excel? Then I can run my Excel macro, then extract the updated information and automatically upload it to my website admin. The sample API code looks like gibberish to me. I don’t even know if Excel can utilize the API to get information.

    Am I totally off base here?


    David - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    Short answer, yes. The API can do what you need, but it is not for most users. If the API documentation looks like gibberish then it probably is not a good idea for you to use it. The API directly accesses your store's database and if you make an incorrectly-formatted API call it could wipe that database out.


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      Thanks for the info.

      I am going to try a few more things with BadBoy. If that doesn't work, I may need to hire a programmer... - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors