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  • Product Feed URL?

    I do some specialized product feeds by downloading my store database and linking files into another MS Access database...then running queries and exporting the results.

    Long story short, I would like to put my product feed files on the store site somewhere so I can automate a couple of these. I can't figure out if there is a URL I can give as the upload URL to these product feed sites that isn't password protected. I feel totally dumb here - where can I put these files?

    ~ Kathy
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    This is easy. All exported feeds are automatically put in a directory that anyone can access. When you do an export there will be a link at the end that says "Click here to download the export file"

    The link will be something like
    All exports go into the assets/exports/ folders


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      anyone can access...
      So, when I put a file in that location last night and tried to browse there, it asked me for a password. Now it's not. So that's good.

      What's bad is that all your exports go there, so that means you are putting private customer information in a publicly accessible place? (If you've done customer exports). hmmmm Easy hack... hmmm
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        Eh I don't think its a big deal. The directory is private so you can't access a file unless you know the filename exactly. The exports have long filenames with lots of numbers in them. Pretty bad odds of anyone guessing the filename. And the customer exports don't have payment or password info, so..