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  • Internal search - spelling table

    Is there a way to add suggested spelling on the internal search engine? For example, if a customer searches for "green", but types it as "gren", the results shows up with "No results. Would you like to search for "green"?

    On our other platform (sorry), we had an internal search engine table where we could enter misspelled words for our products:
    Gren = green
    Bleu = blue

    The examples above are pretty obvious, but we do have some uncommon words that could be easily spelled incorrectly and the customer doesn't know the correct spelling and so the product does not display.

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    The answer is no, not on the built in search engine.


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      A critical feature. It is difficult to believe that this is not provided.

      1. Plural vs singular
      Entered as singular item:
      "Home for the Holidays Album"

      Search for "ALBUMS" will show NO results.

      Thus ALL of your products must be listed with PLURAL.
      "Home for the Holidays Albums"

      2. Typing corrections
      We should be able to enter spelling correction tables.

      Does anyone know of an outside source that can provide this?


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        You could add the misspellings to your product keywords.


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          Originally posted by celebra1 View Post
          You could add the misspellings to your product keywords.
          Sounds good. I tried it but it didn't work for plural/singular. I cleared cache, refreshed, and then used a different browser. Nada. Obviously it worked for you? I added it to the meta tags, but just added the keywords.