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Discount on "multiples" with different "options"

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  • Discount on "multiples" with different "options"

    OK i sell hats and other clothing pieces...My hats are $20 FREE SHIPPING (please note, each hat has about 3-4 dropdown options color/size/thread color/etc).

    I'd like to be able to offer them to buy ANY OTHER HAT PRODUCT with ANY dropdown options at a discount of $15.

    Is this doable? It seems like in order to be able to quantity discounts it has to be the SAME product with the SAME dropdown options?

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    I handle a similar situation on my site by using the Promotion Manager, rather than trying to configure this within the product table.

    Create a new promotion, set the qty minimum to 2, click the FREE SHIPPING box, and then define which products or categories will trigger the promotion. In your case, assuming all your hats are in a single category, just list the proper category(ies) in the "Applies if Products from these Categories are in the basket:" area. It also works if your hats are in multiple categories, just make sure to list all the relevant categories. Now go down to Promotion Offers on the same screen, set the Discount Offered value to 5, Save the promotion and you should be all set. Make sure you pay attention to the start and end dates as these have to be specified.
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