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  • Single Checkout Disabled...?

    I have single checkout disabled on my store, but I still get pending orders that say they're in single checkout mode? How does this happen? If they come from my facebook kiosk, maybe? Is there any way to prevent single checkout from ever popping up?

    If I open up the incomplete order and then go back to the admin view it seems to change it to sitting in step one of the 4 step checkout.

    I just had a potential customer tell me the form was asking for her email address but there was nowhere to put it. I think she was an order sitting in single checkout mode. Or perhaps she just didn't see it, I just don't know.


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    I too see these on our Not Compete orders. I once asked support and the person I spoke to had no idea.
    I never actually figured out if customers actually see the Single Checkout page, or if it is just a quirk on the back end. Would be nice to know.


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      Originally posted by elightbox View Post
      I once asked support and the person I spoke to had no idea.
      odd.. that like.. never happens!


      I do wish they had more tech savvy people on their team.. i can understand why not, but a man can dream.


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        Its from orders attempted via mobile. View the IPs on the orders. its a mobile every time. or at least it is for us.


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          Ruppy, makes perfect sense.