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Importing with a slash "/"

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  • Importing with a slash "/"

    I'm importing products and one of my categories includes a slash, "/". The category in question is: Accessories / Misc. So the problem is that a slash is the delimiter for a sub-category. So instead of importing products into that category, 3dcart auto-creates the category "Accessories" with a sub-category of "Misc."

    I can't find documentation on an "escape" character for this -- such as putting an extra slash in before the slash i want: //

    Here's a knowledgebase page I have bookmarked for importing/exporting issues if you've come across this thread searching for "product import."
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    I worked around this issue by replacing all occurrences of the "/" character with a "-" character.
    I don't think it is possible to have a "/" in the name of a category in this system.


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      try using the ascii code
       & # 47 ;   with no spaces between them
      for /

      import using MS-DOS CSV


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        I actually used a variation of cbsteven's suggestion: I changed the name of the category to exclude the slash before the import, then put it back after I had imported the new items. Sometimes you work so hard trying to force the solution you want to work that you close yourself off to other solutions. Thanks for the help, cbsteven and elightbox!
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