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New Registration fields clear on wrong CAPTCHA

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  • New Registration fields clear on wrong CAPTCHA

    seems the ones having the most trouble filling out the CAPTCHA text in the first place are the ones who would be most put off by having to retype all the field data.

    I'd really like to stop chasing off these customers. But, I don't want to disable CAPTCHA altogether. It does cut down considerably on the spam accounts getting created.

    All that said, is there any way to prevent the browser/field data from being cleared out of the form when the CAPTCHA text is botched?

    note: google chrome DOES retain the field data. IE and Firefox I have confirmed resetting. But, then I can't go to everyone's house and install Chrome on their systems either.


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    Any word on this? I hate going to a website and having to re-enter all the information that I jsut put in... Clearly, I wouldn't want it on a site that I own.

    How do we disable this? I dont want the captcha on any new registrations at all.

    Thank you