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Gift Cards, applied but not zeroed out!?

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  • Gift Cards, applied but not zeroed out!?

    We use the rewards program and customers redeem reward points for Gift Cards.

    A few days ago a customer redeem twelve $10 gift cards. The next day he placed a large order, redeemed the ten gift cards, and paid the balance with PayPal express.

    The finalized order on the admin shows a balance due of $120! and it shows the gift cards as used!
    The Gift Cards themselves still show a $10 value each!

    We use Stone Edge, and the order downloaded as usual, showing the cards were applied and with no balance due.
    I don't know what the order status was. I don't know if SE downloads orders with a status other than NEW.

    We only discovered the "balance due" by viewing the order on the admin. Support discovered that the cards were not zeroed out.

    I have a ticket open to investigate this, however it is scary to see that gift cards were used on an order but they still show the original balance. I placed a couple of test orders and this did not happen again, but I don't know if this ever happened in the past and was not caught, and I have no idea how to check!
    If anyone has an idea of how to check please let me know. I tried downloading the orders but that does not show gift cards.

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    This is a real issue. Some gift cards are applied but are not deducted from the card balance. See image. This same card was applied to two order and still shows "amount spent=0" and the Balance as the original value. It is like the golden goose.

    The order is finalized. It shows the Gift Cards as used, but with a balance due equal to the Gift Cards total , but with a status of "NEW"
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      Any common thread? Or a simple way for us to check to see if we have any that are the same way, other than clicking "edit" for each GC that has a balance? (which I just did btw, since I only had four GC's outstanding with a balance. none appear to have this issue)