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  • Alernative to Suport Tickets

    How can i just add a contact us form, instead of using the CRm Support Tickets?

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      We use and pay the premium (very minimal charge) to get the https support

      Very powerful. You create the form on Jotform, get the one line embed code, create an Extra Page on 3dcart and throw the code in there. Done. You get notifications by e-mail, and you can also see them on job form.

      You can create as many forms as you want. We have a contact us form, a returns form, and a checkout survey on Checkout-4

      The other thing I like is that you can change the content of the forms at any time, add questions, fields, answer hints, captcha, whatever you want, all from jotform, and it takes effect instantly without having to do anything else on 3dcart.
      The service is very reliable and solid. I am so sold on this I sound like a salesman for them, which I am not!


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        We use jotform as well and really like the service.


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          Is there a way to make it so when the store receives the email all we have to do is hit reply and it replies back to the person who sent it? This way theres going to be less chance the email gets sent to someones junk folder Which is what happens when i use the CRm option

          I cant believe this cart don't have something as basic as a contact form
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