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Shipping : Groups of Shipping Zones and Countries for Europeans / EU / EEC

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  • Shipping : Groups of Shipping Zones and Countries for Europeans / EU / EEC

    My colleagues in the European Union will know that 3D Cart has "limits" when it comes to being a non-US store and we all work around many little issues to keep the costs down, well you get what you pay for I guess...

    Recently I contacted support for suggestions on how to create a shipping method which could only apply to certain countries i.e. Europe, the suggestion create an ALL-ALL group for that method and then exclude the countries you don't want that method to be valid for. Yeah ok that can work but as you can not select all countries nor blocks by holding down CTRL, the intention being to then de-select those you don't want to exclude each method will take hours to set-up and as you can not duplicate a shipping method hours more for each method multiplied by a factor of X


    Parcelforce Eire
    Royal Mail Europe
    Royal Mail Zone 1
    Royal Mail Zone 2
    UPS Zone 3 & 4
    UPS Zone 5, 5(1) & 6
    DHL... ok bored now and you get the point I hope.

    When different countries are grouped by ZONES we should be able to select each country in that zone, not exclude it. I even thought about updating the data if that's possible but then why should I have to? Even an import tables feature might help for those of us with massive tables of agreed rates as we do.

    Other than moving to another shopping cart has any European user got a suggestion on how this could be fixed. On that, a suggestion from any United Kingdom (UK) user on how to create shipping methods to handle the new Royal Mail parcel limitations upon size?