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  • Customer approval

    I am baffled. I don't really want to have to approve a customer's account before they can attempt a purchase. Right now if you try to create an account, it will be inactive until I as the administrator approve it. That seems like it will push away customers, since no one is going to want to wait. Where is the setting to make that happen without me being in the middle. Does that make sense?

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    To be clear. I have tried to set up several accounts today from my home as a customer. I used different names and email addresses and every one of them returns the message that my account is inactive when I try to log in. Ahhh, not good.


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      Check under "Auto-Approve"


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        Thanks Steven, but I don't have any customer groups set up right now. Everyone is automatically in 'none', when I look at groups. I understood the approval was supposed to be automatic in these cases, but mine doesn't appear to be for some reason. I was hoping it was a setting.


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          Here's a wrinkle for you. It auto-approves them if they are creating the account as part of a purchase, just not if they create an account from the "my account" page. Hmmm. . .


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            Settings -> General -> Store Settings -> Approve New Customer Registrations


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              aw, geez. Okay, I suck. Duh? I swear I looked through those settings half a dozen times and never saw that. I must be getting old in my old age.

              Thanks for the help.