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  • Typical page load times

    Just in initial stages of getting a new store setup. Have not been impressed with the consistency of page load times for my homepage. Total page size is 636kB in size. Load times vary between 2.5 to 16 seconds. Today in the 8-12 seconds range. Does hosting plan have an influence on page load times? Does everyone put up with this?

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    What are you using to measure the load times? I am pretty happy with mine. The plan being used can definitely affect it.


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      Pingdom. I would agree that your site loads in a fine manner. 683 ms on a page size of 563 kB. According to my sales rep, hosting plan does not have an impact on page load times.


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        About 8 months ago I was having slow page loads and occasional 1-2 minute downtimes. I would report them to support and they would "reset scripts" or occasionally "reboot server" and the problem would go away for a day or two, and then continue.

        So I started using two different monitoring services and logging every bit of downtime, and then presented it to support and insisted that they move me to a different server. They did, and the speed has been fine ever since.


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          Hope it does not need to come to that.



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            Received a nice phone call from Mike in tech support. Indicated there were some changes to server resource pools that needed to be made. Load times down to sub 2 seconds. Much more reasonable. Thanks guys.