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  • Spam Issue

    On my product page, i have a palce where customers can add a gift card message

    Looking in my uncompleted orders i see it appears spammers are going in there and putting spammy things for osme reason

    One like this

    Gift Message: A few months prozac pills online form. The date should be in the format MM/DD/YY.

    Unsure why as they are only complete that 1 order step and thats it.

    Thoughts? How do i stop this?

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    I had the exact same problem. You can get hundreds of these in your Not Completed folder if you have used the TextArea setting. Change the gift message box from TextArea to Text and it should stop this from happening. Something about the larger text area box get populated by spam bots, but the smaller text box does not.
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      weird.. thanks i will give it a try