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  • Buy This, Choose Your Free Gift?

    I'm hoping someone will have a clever solution to this problem.

    We currently include a free gift with every order. Right now, it's a random one that we select.

    The promotion we'd like to make is if your order totals $50 or more, you can choose your own free gift from a specific group of products.

    Currently there is no cart feature for setting this up. Support suggested making a separate promotion for each of the free gift products, and setting the promotions as non-stackable.

    However, that would mean that the customer could not take advantage of any other promotions that we might be running, such as a discount coupon.

    Does anyone run a promotion like this, or does anyone have any ideas on how we could set this up?


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    Did you ever find a solution for this?


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      I have a solution for this. Let's assume the customer may choose one of 5 products for free; these products are A through E.

      Create the promotion and set your pricing rules. Set the following:

      Uses Per Customer:1
      Requires Coupon: No
      Non-Stackable: unchecked
      Order Amount: $50.00 (min)

      If products A:E are the same price, $10.00 for example, set Discount Offered to 10. Add the products to the promotion individually with "Discount Applies to this Product" or add A:E to their own hidden category and use that category for "Applies if Products from these Categories are in the Basket."

      If products A:E are different prices, then you will need to create a discount promotion for each product price.
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting