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Item A must be purchased with Item B

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  • Item A must be purchased with Item B

    I think I've seen on old threads that some of you have figured out ways to do this kind of thing.

    I have an item that is supposed to only be available for sale IF the customer also buys a specific other item. I assume that there is no good way to implement that directly, but are there any good workarounds?

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    You can do that through a promotion. Used a fixed price for the item you want to put on sale. Then make it dependent on if the other product is in the cart.


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      Yeah, I saw the promotion option, but that is only really good if it's a discount for buying item A with item B. I want it so that item A can ONLY be purchased if they only buy item B. I might be able to use a promotion to work around it (like make the item prohibitively expensive otherwise), but I thought there might be a better way.


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        Ah, got it. When you said "for sale" I thought sale, as in a discount. I'll have to play around with the promotion settings and see if I an get something to work. I've been pushing the boundaries of the promotions lately and even had a custom option added when it couldn't do something we needed.