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Qty Product Options - how to change from vertical (default) display to horizontal?

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  • Qty Product Options - how to change from vertical (default) display to horizontal?

    I’ve set up quantity options for my product for customers to enter different quantities of various sizes.
    The default is for these qty boxes to show vertically and I would like them to show horizontally so they aren’t in a long string down the page.
    I know how to code this from scratch but am trying to figure out how to do this in 3D cart (where to navigate, what page to change?)

    The code I found in listing_0.html – I’m not sure what to change to make it horizontal or if I’m even in the right place:

    <!--START: qty-format-->

    <table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%">
    <td class="item"><strong>[value]</strong><br />
    <td align="center" width="120"><input type="text" size="3" name="text[oname]" value="[option_value]" class="txtBoxStyle" /></td>

    <!--END: qty-format-->

    Any help is greatly appreciated – thank you in advance!

    This is my page: https://bikejerseystore.3dcartstores...ersey_p_8.html

    (The word “fabric” is also randomly showing above each of my size options and 3D cart is supposedly investigating this issue for me but I haven’t head back yet. I haven’t altered the template so I know it’s nothing I did)

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    Just a note on the fabric text. We had the same issue. If you rearrange the order it goes away. It is somehow inheriting the option text from one of the options above it. It comes from the [feature] field in the option template if I remember correct. Id have to look at the coding again to be sure. Its something on 3dcarts side because the only way it can be fixed is by reordering the options.

    It started after the v6 update


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      Great, thanks so much for the tip Ruppy!