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Setting the URL in Store Manager

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  • Setting the URL in Store Manager

    I just noticed that my 3dcart website (not yet live) uses just my domain name as the store url - -- without the www. Will I mess anything up by switching the store settings to be The Leading My Domain Name Site on the Net
    My site is not live yet but I am concerned about internal links being broken if I change the URL in the store settings. My existing store uses the www in the domain name and my Norton SSL lists my website as The Leading My Domain Name Site on the Net so I'm thinking my new 3dcart store should use The Leading My Domain Name Site on the Net. Any thoughts?

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    No, this shouldn't mess anything up and it sounds like something you should change.

    You should also use Google Webmaster Tools to set your preferred style (with www, or without www).


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      URL in Store Manager

      I don't know why my post displayed my url like it did, but thank you for answering my question. I will change my settings to include the www in the url.


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        Setting the URL in Store Manager

        I changed my store settings to include the www and now when I click on View Store from the store manager, my store is not found:
        Oops! Internet Explorer could not find

        Same thing happens in Chrome.
        I've cleared my browser history and it still doesn't find my site using www.

        Also, when I tried to change the Secure URL to include the www, the settings would revert back to just http://holisti...

        Any ideas?


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          I may be wrong (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), but you don't use a www if you are using 3dcarts shared domain.
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          VS Web Design
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            I don't plan to use 3dcart's shared domain. My domain name has been registered for 7 years and my existing site is Holistic Pet Info - Natural Pet Care Products, Supplements, Dogs, Cats and that is my preferred style in Google Webmaster Tools. And, it is how my store is identified in Amazon, Nextag,, etc. When I go live with my 3dcart site, I wanted it to have the www in the URL, so I changed it in the store settings. Now, when I try to view my store, I get the error message: Oops! Internet Explorer could not find

            So, maybe I can't include "www" in my store url at this point?


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              Sorry folks, I should have checked in the Knowledgebase first:

              Store URL - This will be your store's base URL that will be used for the site's basic navigation. When you first create an account with 3dcart, this setting will reflect your * URL. However, once you transfer your domain's DNS information to 3dcart, you can specify your domain instead with its respective "http://www." prefix.

              I guess I change it after I transfer my domain's DNS information.