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Update quantity pricing based on options?

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  • Update quantity pricing based on options?

    Has anyone successfully gotten the [PRICE] variable (quantity pricing) to update based on selected product options, like the main price, [price], does?

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    Can you give an example of what you mean? My prices on the product page display correctly when options that have different prices are selected.
    Joanne Barker
    VS Web Design
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      Sure. It seems that the [PRICE] variable (which is different from [price] and represents quantity pricing) does not update based on options selected.


      My base price ([price]) is $10:
      - I selection option X, which has an incremental value of $2
      - the price displayed on the page updates real-time to $12

      However, if I have a quantity price ([PRICE]) set up to be $8 if you buy 5+ units, based on a base price of $10 for a qty of 1:
      - the "Quantity Pricing" shown is $8 5+
      - if I select option X, which again increases the unit price to $12, "Quantity Price" stays at $8, which doesn't reflect the 20% discount, which will show correctly in the cart (assuming the proper options are selected for the product in the Advanced Tab [they are])

      Also see example screenshots
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        Just wondering if you found a solution to this that you wouldn't mind sharing? I am having the same issue. Thanks