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Can we get the newsletter Yes/No to show up on invoice?

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  • Can we get the newsletter Yes/No to show up on invoice?

    The problem I am having is that when a customer checks the box to subscribe to the newsletter at checkout, they do not get added to the subscription list in 3dcart (this really makes no sense to me). It is a supreme pain in the rear to look up each customer and manually enter their e-mails into the subscription list. If they do not register, I have no idea how to look up if they subscribed as well. This equals lost future sales.

    Is there a way to get the yes/no answer for the subscribe to our newsletter checkbox to show up on the printed invoice? At least that way I will know who subscribed.......

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    What you're experiencing seems to be unique. Have you altered the code of your shopping cart in anyway?
    Also, have you tried calling our support team to fix this issue?
    Bryan Shaw
    Community Manager at 3dcart


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      It's definitely not unique, it is a common complaint about the newsletter system.

      When someone registers/checkouts there is a checkbox for "send information". You would think that this would put the customer on your 3dCart Mailing List. It does not. It simply checks the box in the customer account for 'send information'. The solution is that you are supposed to export your customers to an Excel sheet, remove any lines that have the 'maillist' column as 0, and re-import the rest of them to the newsletter.


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        One small solution is that you can send a newsletter to the 'customers with maillist enabled' group using the smartlists. Under "Select a group" choose "Customers - On Mailing List"


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          Thanks cbsteven. I won't be sending out newsletters from 3dcart directly (I'm using Mailchimp) and I was trying to find a more convenient way to get the data without having to run spreadsheets or look up every customer and manually enter them into the 3dcart subscriber list.

          The only other work-around I can come up with would be to add a custom question at checkout. That would mean that I would have to delete the 3D cart code from the template so I'm not asking them to sign up twice. The problem with that is the "maillist" checkbox in the customer record would not auto-populate. I really don't want to mess with the checkout very much either.

          I do not see why 3Dcart has not set it up to automatically add the customer to your mailing list when they check the box. It has been posted on the forums a number of times, but never fixed. I wonder if lots of folks just assume their customers are being added to the mailing list when they mark the box during checkout. I know I did. I get many more newsletter signups at checkout than I do with the newsletter sign up block.

          Maybe Bryan can help us out with this one.


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            I use MailChimp too. I actually wrote a script that will send all customers who either A) Register for an account and click 'send information' or B) Place an order and answer yes to a custom checkout question directly to MailChimp. It uses the 3DCart Advanced API and the MailChimp API.
            It requires template customization and scripting knowledge, though.