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  • Gift Card problem

    We have an ongoing issue that I am hoping someone can help with. We have free shipping over $100.

    The problem is our gift cards - if someone buys a giftcard and the amount is under $100, they get charged shipping.

    To me this is ridiculous that you can't have gift cards separate and give them free shipping. This is the only shopping cart I've seen that makes e-gift cards a physical item to charge shipping on. :(

    I've gone round and round with support on this and they say there is no way to do it. If they are under $100 they will be charged shipping.

    What are others doing? Have you found a way to not charge shipping? I'd be very grateful for feedback!

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    under shipping options in the product info section of the gift card is a box to check for free shipping, then if they only order a gift card, they will not be charged any shipping.

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      For my Gift Certificate products, once the Gift Certificate option is checked, it gets free shipping regardless of price.
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        Have that checked and it doesn't. Tech support said it was because my rules are set to only give free shipping over $100. So, even though that box is checked, the default rule of $100 is what the cart follows. But thanks


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          Our Gift Certificate works just fine. We also offer free shipping but if you buy a Gift Certificate below this level, it still offers the Free Shipping. For the Gift Certificate both the Free Shipping, and Gift Certificate boxes are checked.

          Check your By Value free shipping method. Do you have different tiers?

          We only have one tier in the Free Shipping method, anything above the free shipping threshold gets 0 shipping.

          We also have another By Value method for orders below the free shipping threshold.


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            I suspect this is not working because we have custom programming. We had to have custom programming done for free shipping because some items are excluded. The cart does not work this way by default. We offer free shipping over $100 but only on certain items and the cart wouldn't do this, so we had to have custom programming to get it to work that way.


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              I had the same problem until I changed "Min. order amount for free shipping" to 0. I then set up a by weight shipping method that was lower than the weight of my other products. I hope this helps.