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landing page not forwarding to cart without www

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  • landing page not forwarding to cart without www

    New to 3dcart and really liking it. I have a few HTML "landing" page in front of my cart. I followed the instructions on setting up landing pages in the KB area for 3d cart and it works. But, I have noticed when I click the link to "shop now" when I dont have www. in front of the url it just goes back to the default.htm page, but it will show it as www now and when I click the link it works the 2nd time cause the www. is in front now..

    heres the example:

    Southern Homestead Company

    then click shop now. (in the status bar it shows Southern Homestead Company) but doesnt redirect to the cart.. but after it bring the page back up it has the www. and works.

    as in Southern Homestead Company

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Check your Settings >General > Store Settings at the bottom the store URL should be in this format: Southern Homestead Company
    Maybe this has something to do with it.

    I see that if you go to this address: Southern Homestead Company, everything works fine and all the addresses have the www because they are relative (ie, /aboutus.htm, /contactus.html etc..) and will just be appended to the current URL.