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3dcart, ebridge and Sage 50

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  • 3dcart, ebridge and Sage 50

    Is anyone using all 3 together? If so how do you like it? Is it worth the money? Is there a cheaper solution to integrate Sage50 with my 3dcart site?

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    Bumping this back into action to present the question again to the forum. If anyone is using this setup I would be interested in hearing the good and bad of it. Thank you for sharing. ;-)


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      We use 3dcart and Sage 100. We download order orders to Sage as Sales Orders and then export tracking back to 3dcart once the order has been shipped.

      We used ebridge for a while but found the developer we worked with was less than knowledgeable with Sage 100 so the integration took much longer than we would have liked and cost more than we would have liked (they bill by the hour and not by the project). ebridge is pricey and their service goes down often (at least once a month if not more). When it is down, you call them and they tell you they hope to have it back up within 8 hours. We simply could not do that as our customers expect orders to be shipped quickly and we can't have 8 hours of downtime.

      After the integration, when the service was up, ebridge worked well.

      After 1 year (you pay for a yearly subscription once everything is integrated), we quit them and worked with our Sage Partner to come up with a solution that does the same thing but cost much less and is hosted on our server so if there is downtime, it is on us to get it back up.

      I am not sure if Sage 50 utilized Sage Partners, but if they do, have a chat with them as they should be able to work out a solution for you.


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        Thank you so much for sharing your experience and info. It helps out a lot trying to find a great solution. ;-)