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    I have created a custom export named T1 - it has two columns - id & image_link (no alias') - after I export the two column's spreadsheet I modify several of the URL's - when I try to import the modified spreadsheet I am receiving the error that image_link is an "unknown field" if I export as image_link why can't I import as image_link is?

    Support has reach new lows - 36 hours and 3 techs have said add catalog_id - which I never needed but I did and it didnt work - 2 recommended using image_1 because obviously they don't teach the difference between relative and absolute urls

    anyone else have this problem?

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    The image field in your upload should be a relative link to the image, and the field name is Image. Fields like image_link are built dynamically. You can't update that field.
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      Image field

      I wan't thinking it through - you can up date the image_url by updating image_1 and then re-exporting image_url - thanks