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  • Site Down!

    I just checked my phone and there is a text from Pingdom that the site has been down since 3:30 this morning.
    When I checked both front and back end were down.

    support brought it up within five minutes of me calling it in. Thank you.

    However, the screen shown says that "an e-mail was sent to the site Admin", yet it seems that with all site crashes the store owner has to call to alert support to the issue.
    Who gets this e-mail alert?? I know it is not us, and why does 3dcart not have a system in place to catch sites that are down and fix them without a call from the merchant?
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    Same here, site was down and saw the message and wondered the same thing about the email. Tech got us back up while on the phone...


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      I have been having numerous site and admin down and other issues recently. A few days ago my site was down 4 times. I never got "the email". I happened to be working each time it happened. Today my site got moved! Tech Support has been very helpful. If your sites go down again, ask them to review your site down history.


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        We have actually been very fortunate, and have had no problems for a very long time (fingers crossed). Not a single issue during the whole holiday season.

        About a year ago we had issues and we were also moved to a different server.

        I understand that things do happen, my one gripe is why the sites are not monitored from the support side, and if an e-mail actually goes to the admins, why it takes a call from us to initiate action.


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          Unacceptable & Inexcusable

          This is what I just received from support regarding the site outage:

          "....... We have consulted with our administrators and unfortunately we do not have the specific times the site was experiencing issues. Again we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

          If we all depend on the admins to have a 99.99% up time, shouldn't they know when sites go down? or how long they were down? I love 3dcart and it has been a blessing to our business, but the way site outages are handled is unacceptable & inexcusable.


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            I have just had the same issue - it has started happening every 2 weeks. See my recent post re support responses.

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              3dcart should be notifying you of a problem, NOT Pingdom.