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custom payments and credits. Need help soon!!

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  • custom payments and credits. Need help soon!!

    maybe someone here can help me out. I've been using 3dcart for over a year now and thought what I'm about to explain built into the system but its seems like its not...

    My site is The PlantGuy- Canadian Aquarium Plants I sell aquatic plants and accept primarily paypal payment. On occassion certain plants do not survive shipping and I need to refund the customer a portion of their order. So what i do is

    1. Go into paypal and refund accordingly
    2. go into the customers invoice and add a credit to the invoice. So if I refunded $5, I would add a $5 credit to the invoice so it would show $5 as owing.

    By doing this i thought (and was sure) that this change got reflected in my sales reports on the main page (would reduce my sales by $5) but I noticed that its not...Can someone shed some light on what I'm doing wrong? Tax season is coming and I'm afraid I might be in for alot of work if I need to manually calculate all these refunds into my revenue....thanks!

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    I think I figured out the issue...if I refund a product from the order, i need to go into the order itself and remove that product from the order instead of using custom payments or credits, then the sales report gets changed....This is fine, the only issue i have with that is that when you remove it from the order, it automatically goes back into stock so I have to go in and adjust my stock level....or is there a better way to deal with refunds?


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      We do not EVER rely on the 3dCart reports for tax or accounting purposes. They are not accurate enough for that. We record the credit memos directly in our accounting software using the information from our Paypal (or whatever payment gateway you might be using) reports. We often don't even bother recording the credit in the original 3dCart order because there isn't really any benefit to doing that.

      I do look at the 3dCart reports to get a quick idea of how things look, but never ever for accounting purposes. When it's tax time you need to rely on something like Quickbooks.
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        I do the same thing. 3dcart isn't accounting software. I also use Quickbooks. It is a pain because I have the Australian version and 3dcart doesn't integrate. However, my tax reporting is a breeze.

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          I use Quickbooks as well for accounting. I haven't integrated it yet though. Its on my to do list!

          I do set up credits/returns through the store. That way the customer can see a record of it online in their account. I give rewards points so I adjust those manually as well if customers return an item.
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