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Can sales price show with promotions?

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  • Can sales price show with promotions?

    I run 2-3 promotions a month where we temporarily put an entire category on sale with a percentage off. I set up the discount in the promotion manager. It will show in the shopping cart when the customer adds an item to it, but not on the product listing itself. So no call to action....

    The only work around I have come up with is to add a category wide option as a title to get some text to show up that the customer can see on each product listing. e.g. On SALE! - 15% off. (discount will be shown in cart). Is there code that I could use in this spot instead that would calculate 15% off the price and show them the potential savings or the reduced price? e.g. On SALE! - 15% off you save $2.50 (discount shown in cart) or even On SALE! -15% off, your price $13.00 (discount shown in cart)

    I do not want to have to manually edit each product listing with the sale price since I will have to change them all back to the regular price at the end of the month. I thought the promotions manager would do this, but it does not.

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    I was looking for something like this as well. No ideas anyone?


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      Anyone find a way?

      New here to 3DCart and I was trying to set up something that would make it easy to apply products that are on sale via the promotions.

      Is there a way to set up a promotion where we assign products from a certain category, and then for the % discount to show up when being displayed on the product pages?? I tried several settings and the discount will only get applied when the customer adds it to the cart.

      Yes, I know that we can set the products via product details to be on sale, but we were trying to find a way to off discounts per a line of products different times of the month, etc.

      Any ideas from anyone?


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        Hi, I'm looking for a solution too, no news?