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Email variable for "address type" on New Order - Distributor email

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  • Email variable for "address type" on New Order - Distributor email

    I need to modify the email for New Order - Distributor by adding "Address Type" so that we can tell the difference between UPS Residential and Commercial address types.

    Here is a screen shot to help visually illustrate my question:

    The email invoice uses variables like the following:

    Notice the "o" in front of the ship.

    This page 3dcart Design Docs does not show variables for the emails. It has variables like the following:

    These variables have underscores.

    I tried [addressTypeText], but it does not work on the invoice email. I also tried [oaddresstype], but that does not work either.

    Is there a address type variable specific for the invoice email?

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    Probably not. The email templates tend to only allow variables that are used in the default email. You might try asking support, but they likely will not know the answer.


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      Turns out you can do it now.

      <!--START: product-->
      [itemid] [itemname] [unitcost] X [numitems] = [itemsubtotal]
      <!--END: product-->

      There are other problems, however.

      [itemsubtotal] will send the customer's pricing with this piece of code. I can't figure out how to make it send the total cost instead of the total selling price.