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Payment Description box. Not Reading HTML Format Anymore.

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  • Payment Description box. Not Reading HTML Format Anymore.

    Just a heads up guys.

    If anyone is using html for filling information in the payment description box, you can not use it anymore.

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    Exactly. I have a ticket in for 3 days now. Don't care for this. We liked having the logos for the credit card types in there.


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      I sent you a PM that should fix the issue for you.

      For everyone else.

      Go to your checkout_singlepage.html file and scroll down to where payment types are. Usually start around line 1350.

      For each payment type area that you need or want to use html you can either completely replace the [payment_description] with your html, or even just use a beak <br /> after the [payment_description] and the enter you html or image. This will allow you to still use text in the admin panel payment description section and still have your static html below it.

      Hope this helps,
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        Can you do that for paypal standard?

        I could not find paypal standard in the checkout-singlepage.html file