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Does anyone ever find hundreds of dropped carts from the same server?

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  • Does anyone ever find hundreds of dropped carts from the same server?

    Once in a while I go into my dropped orders and will find hundred of dropped orders from the same server. This always seems to be there on a day when I have no orders, which seems to be connected in some way. Has anyone else had this happen? It's like something or someone is adding a product to the shopping cart about every 10 seconds, then doing it again and again and again for hours.

    It seems like spam to me and it always seems to effect my business. Usually the address is from overseas. Today it happened to me and it was from a server or set of servers in the US. There was hundreds and hundreds today. When this is happening, I get the feeling it is bogging down my site and not allowing visitors to either get to my site or place orders or even put things into their shopping cart. Could this be the case? I have asked 3dcart before and get no real answer about it except that maybe it's some sort of bot.

    I usually wipe them all out and block the group of IP's it's coming from but it's totally annoying, I seem to lose business every time it happens and I am wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent it from happening?

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    I have never worked it out either. I just block the IP range. I get some originating from China / India / US. Would be interested to hear what everyone else says.
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      Does it seem to affect your sales when it happens?


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        There are all sorts of bots out there that will crawl sites and generate those abandoned carts. I wouldn't think it would have any effect on business, just bandwidth usage. We just block the IP addresses and delete them.
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