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Problem Hosting product images on external host.

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  • Problem Hosting product images on external host.

    I'm still setting up my store and since I have another hosting that gives me free space and bandwidth decided to host my products outside of 3dcart.
    The problem I have is when the product images are linked from my other host they all show up on product page as real size images, not just a one image with thumbnails you can click.
    Is there any way to fix this or I just need to upload my images to 3dcart to have proper viewing of them?


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    Can you provide a link to a product to show what you mean?


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      Sorry, store is offline so can't give you a link to it but I have screenshots:
      Pic1 product images with 3dcart hosting looking fine and Pic2 with images on external host floating everywhere.
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        You will have to use CSS to shrink the images to fit. If you put this up on a live site we can help you do that, but it will take some template modifications.

        Images hosted on 3DCart are resized automatically.


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          I am having the same problem, as I would like to off load my product images to cdn.

          here is a link to a product listing to show what I mean the rest of my products images are hosted on 3dcart.

          6'' UNISEAL Flexible Bulkhead Tank Adapter -
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            Yeah, you both have identical problems.

            The template is loading images through a thumbnail processor, to shrink them to the right size on the fly and reduce filesize:
            This does not work when the image is stored on another site.

            So you can either:
            • Load the full size image like you are doing now, and use CSS to shrink its appearance. This will still cause you the full file to be downloaded by the end user.
            • Upload separate, pre-shrunk images to the CDN and load those for your thumbnails
            • Use the CDN for your main image but local files for the thumbnails

            I personally chose to do #3.


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              It's unfortunate that those are the only options. CSS is the only real option as the the main image is not being shrunk down on the preview below the main image. I thought that was the thumbnail but it not


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                Let me rephrase that it is a thumbnail image but not the one I have load on the back end it is trying to resize the main image. Which of course it can't do.