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Avoiding New Gmail Unsubscribe Button

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  • Avoiding New Gmail Unsubscribe Button

    I didn't know which discussion area this made sense in so I put it here in General.

    I'm hoping folks, including 3dCart, will chime in to talk a bit about whether or not (or how we can avoid) our shopping cart transactional email messages to customers - incomplete carts, completed orders, order shipped, etc - are getting caught up in the new google "promotional emails" tab in gmail and how we might avoid this happening.

    The link below is an article about google now rolling out to all gmail users a prominent "unsubscribe" button on every message that ends up on the promotional messages tab.

    We have enough trouble with our messages ending up in spam folders (because people use the google "spam" button as their delete button) or folks just not seeing them and then complaining that they never got their tracking info etc. I'm not happy thinking about what it's going to be like when customers start unsubscribing from transactional messages not realizing what that actually means.

    Gmail adding prominent 'Unsubscribe' option to marketing emails | PCWorld

    Would appreciate feedback.

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    the feature will now be made available for most promotional messages with unsubscribe options, ........The change simply makes it easier to find the “unsubscribe” link.
    It appears that this will only affect Promotional e-mails with an un-subscribe link and not transactional e-mails.

    It is interesting that even some promotional e-mails from companies like Gap still appear in my in-box on occasion. Not sure if there is a trick, or they have a deal with Google!!


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      Originally posted by elightbox View Post
      It appears that this will only affect Promotional e-mails with an un-subscribe link and not transactional e-mails.
      Google doesn't use the presence or absence of an unsubscribe link to determine if an email is promotional. And it's sort of the point of this, from their point of view - lots of what they consider promotional emails don't have unsub links, or easily findable unsub links so THEY've decided to create one.

      We KNOW that our regular transactional emails end up in gmail spam often enough so it's not a stretch to think that more of them will or at least be relegated to promotional. Anyone know if there's a guideline for transactional emails that will keep them out of the promo bin and whether or not 3dcart is using that guideline?


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        JustPoppin, I was talking about the Unsubscribe button. It seems like it will only show up if there is an unsubscribe link in the e-mail. Google will merely make a button at the top that will re-produce the unsubscribe action without you leaving G-mail.


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          Ahh - I see what you're saying, elightbox. I read it as "all promotional message" but you're right - it says "all promotional messages with an unsubscribe link". Well, I suppose that's better than what I was thinking.

          Would like to hear if other folks' shop emails are ending up in gmail spam or promo tab.