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McAfee Secure - Is it necessary?

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  • McAfee Secure - Is it necessary?

    I am considering to not renew my McAfee Secure account. Short of losing the McAfee Secure badge, is there any reason to keep paying McAfee?
    Is it 3dcart's responsibility to ensure that we are PCI Compliant?

    I display a GeoTrust SSL badge and a BBB trust badge. I'm not sure the McAfee Secure is worth $1700 for 3 years.

    Any thoughts?

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    Doesn't sound worth it to me. Really the only benefit that I can tell is the badge.


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      Run for 30 days without the badge and see if it fundamentally changes your conversion rate. If it doesn't then you have new funds for marketing/profit.

      The Wedding Printer


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        Hi Julie,

        The only way you will know if it is truly worth it to you, is to do a A/B test. This is were every other visitor to your site sees the McAfee logo and then you can look at the results. McAfee may be able to do this for you. If you do it any other way, you would simply be guessing.

        Hope this helps!


        ps. We used it for 8+ years (since it was HackerSafe) and just removed it in December. As of right now, we are not even considering going back.