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  • CSS/HTML edit on a specific page

    There is such things as a dumb question, and I think this might be one of them, so I apologize.

    I have created many new pages for different items I sell.

    My question: Where can I go into the css/html of each new page I have created?

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    since the frame is included with each page you create within your template (unless you specify otherwise) you can just add to the css sheet your frame uses (generally default.css or default_modified.css)

    you can also TELL each page what css file to use by creating one and uploading it into your directory, then setting the link accordingly. Be wary when doing this, though. Your frame's css file will also load and you may have conflicts if you don't remember that and try to reinvent the wheel.

    some people prefer the modular approach because its easier than handling a css file with so many lines.


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      It is all starting to come together for me.... Perfect, thank you very much!


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        not a problem