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  • SmarterMail Delay & Failure notices

    Well, I finally made the transfer from PS to 3dcart on Aug 24. I see many old merchants who have been of great help in the past now here. Hopefully, I can get some more expert help with email problems.

    Over 3 weeks I have received dozens of SmarterMail Delay & Failure Notices from [email protected] and many are a day after they were supposed to be sent out. I don't believe I am the only one who is soley effected. A search on this forum has shown numerous problems in the past with SmarterMail. I have issued a ticket and 3dcart support people have been looking into and taken the time to try to help but to no avail so far. Has anyone had problems like this recently and if so what has been the problem & solution?

    Is it possible to change the MX record to use a different email host and bypass the defective SmarterMail interface with 3dcart entirely? Do we need SmarterMail at all? A reliable email is a must have and deal breaker if not functioning!

    Do most of you do this method to eliminate the problems? Which email hosts are good and you use? Google apps w/ gmail, Godaddy, someone else?

    Please help get a handle on this problem!
    Patriot Al

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    Can't help with SmarterMail, I've never used it. I made my MX records changed and have used GoDaddy since day one. I just use a Pop account with webmail access for the store. For my primary business I use hosted exchange through GoDaddy. When GoDaddy had issues the other day my POP mail went down but not my Exchange mail.

    Hope that helps.


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      Shopguy, thanks much for your input. I was looking at GoDaddy as a good replacement for SmarterMail and then they had problems for a day or so. Glad to hear that they are up again. They have no ads and have webmail. I rather not use Google gmail because of their lack of privacy of people's emails.

      Does this totally replace the functions of SmarterMail? I hope so!

      I just find it hard to believe that 3dcarts has such a nice Shopping Cart and does not have a top notch reliable email to go with it! This should be priority number one! Since this is supposed to be included in their price they should play our cost to have to go elsewhere. Maybe they should have an alliance with GoDaddy if they don't want to fix the SmarterMail interface.

      Thanks again,
      Patriot Al


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        My understanding is smarter mail is just a regular web mail service so I don't see why GoDaddy or anyone else would be just as good. Maybe it offers more?

        Smartermail also has storage limitations. This is what I was told prior to signing up:

        "Basic email is included in the hosting fees – unlimited accounts – 500 mb storage max"

        "You can always use external email – you do not have to use 3dcart email.
        1 GB is the most we offer with the higher plans $100 and up.
        You can use a program like Outlook to pull emails off the server and store on your network drive."

        It's only a matter of time before you exceed a gig and I figured I'd just start with something that wasn't limited rather than having to make a switch down the road.


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          We use hosted gmail. 3dcart can update your MX records to whatever you want.