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Auto-ship Plugin Questions (And another story about horrible technical support)

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  • Auto-ship Plugin Questions (And another story about horrible technical support)

    First the question:

    How does this module actually work?!!! It seems like a pretty strait forward question. However there are no KB instructions, there is only marketing material that says "what" it does.

    My problem is that I have created a recurring order test order. I changed the next shipment date to the next day, to see if a new order would be created. (or what would happen, since there is no documentation)

    I know! I'll contact technical support, they must be able to tell me how to set this up, and what to expect.

    Do you have a link to exactly how the recurring order works? i have placed some test order, but don't seem to be able to figure out how the next order actually works.
    Mr. Parker:
    Oh I think... a KB article great! However, its a link to a KB article about the upsell plugin.

    That is about the upsell addon,
    thats not what I asked about.
    Mr. Parker:
    did you read the article?
    Yes, I had read it previously, and it literally has nothing to do with what i'm asking. It has one line in there about the token based payment processors which is "also" used in the auto-ship module. Thats it. So I try to ask my question again:

    Please explain to me the process of someone ordering an item using the autoship plugin. I would like to know what is suppose to happen in the 3dcart admin when someone places one of these orders.
    Mr. Parker
    Admin will only see the order being placed.
    you cannot modify or change a customers auto ship
    actually you can. Under orders>recurring lists the details of the recurring orders. And gives options to change the recurring time, the next shipment, and the payment type. I have a feeling you are even less familiar with this module then I am. Can I speak with someone who knows more about it please?
    Mr. Parker:
    If you change any info in the recurring settings you will be breaking PCI code. I am telling you this because if you edit it you will be doing an unlawful act do ti PCI compliance
    Then why does 3dcart give us the ability to do so?
    Lots of chatting goes by... I basically get transferred to supervisor. He is a lot more helpful, but tells me things like this:

    Mr. Mazza:
    The plugin is typically pretty reliable. Changes to the order can break the functionality
    Thats why I would like a document that explains all this! So that I know how to use the program. Also, how can you advertise a program, and one of its features is that the orders can be changed... and then say, changing the orders breaks the system?
    Mr. Mazza:
    Not all changes will cause problems...
    So basically, they are charging a pretty heavy premium for a half baked pluging.

    Some other issues:
    -On the store admin it lists the date that the auto-ship was created, not the next shipment. You have to go into the details to see that.

    -You cant adjust the available recurring frequency per item. (You can do this actually through template code thank god, but thats rather obtuse. )

    Does anyone have experience with this plugin? Any weirdness that you experience?

    So this whole time I was still chatting with support. We are left with these 4 questions.

    1) Changing what and when breaks the system.
    2) Is actually supported. (I was told it was before signup)
    3) Does having "Authorize Only" break the system.
    4) What time of day do Automatic orders get input as NEW orders.

    Chat time... 1 hour and 42 min, and nothing has been resolved. It took almost that whole time just to get them to say they don't know. Again... KB Article! Its a paid app!
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    So after 6 weeks of back and forth, this feature still does not work.

    I would not recommend anyone with stripe as their processor upgrade to this service. It does not work, despite what I was told before signing up.